Monday, February 15, 2010

Boots, Blankets and Beautiful Snow

On Friday I went to the mall with three of my little boys. We ended up at Gymboree, where I found a pair of cowboy boots on clearance that were just the right size for Dylan (6 years old). Upon realizing his brother was getting to buy something, Korbin (10 years old) immediately tells me something that he saw and really wanted to buy. His purchase was a blanket with a monkey on it (you know -- a newborn receiving blanket)! To be fair, my kids each have a special Gymboree blanket. We love them because they're just the right size, they're super soft, they last, etc.. For those of you who know Korbin, you are NOT allowed to give him a hard time about this! This was just funny to me because of how he talks so BIG lately - you know?! Football, rock bands, skateboarding, king of the world type of kid ... goes with Mama to the mall on a snowday and chooses a baby blanket!!! I love him!!! He's a tender sweetheart inside that macho exterior!!!

Ollie ended up getting Mama to buy him a new blanket too! Both boys love their newest blankets! Dylan LOVES his new cowboy boots! He wore them all weekend with pride!

Oh by the way, here's what our "Big Yellow House" looked like when I woke up that morning:

We enjoyed our Texas snowday!


  1. Korbin and Dylan sure were proud of their boots and blanket when they came over on the "Walch Express" the other day. So funny!

  2. Awwww! I love it when little kiddos wear cowboy boots! All that snow y'all got was sooooo crazy!

  3. ok jake will not read this...but then jake has no room to talk...he loves stuffed animals! haha
    cowboy boots awesome! ollie can wear them one day!