Monday, February 22, 2010

5 boys, 3 girls, 2 adults

This past Saturday and Sunday our big yellow house went from four kids to eight kids! My brother and his wife went out of town, so we were watching their three kids, and my parents went out of town, so my youngest sister stayed with us too! Wow! We got a little tiny taste of a much bigger family!

***Do not attempt this without an amazing husband! Mine was by my side helping me the entire time! He even took care of a very disgusting potty situation at the restaurant! Yay for him!!!***

Saturday evening was my favorite time! We loaded up both vehicles (girls in the little car, boys in the suburban) and headed to the mall. The kids got to play at the playground first, then we walked all around, stopped at Auntie Anne's for 10 pretzels, and then our mall finale was a much-requested ride on the big carousel! On our way home we ate dinner at Texas Land and Cattle. Yummy! It was fun to ask for a table for 10 ... and then answer their question, "How many kids menus?" Umm ... don't laugh ... EIGHT!

Everyone was well behaved! Our only mini-disaster was when we were leaving the neighborhood ... the youngest passenger in the girl car brought along a Zhu-Zhu hamster, and the wheels got caught in her hair. I had to quickly pull over and rescue her with a pocket knife! Don't worry ... child and hamster are fine now!

Oh yeah ... my sister even came up with the idea to order 8 tiny ice cream sundaes after they ate their dinners (it was only 50 cents each to add them onto the kids meals)! I'm pretty sure fun was had by all! Good times ...


  1. omg it got caught in her hair...that's horrible...i'm sooo afraid lils is going to do that to me one day! ha ha

  2. You're such a brave woman...taking eight kiddos out to eat! Sounds like y'all had a great time!