Monday, March 22, 2010


I bought this ducky raincoat for my 10-year-old, Korbin, when he was about one or two. It's a size 4T, but we just rolled the sleeves up, and it was adorable!

So a couple weeks ago, Korbin bursts in the front door after school (sweaty and stinky) saying, "Man, this thing is sweaty!!!" He had squeezed into his old raincoat and worn it to school under his regular jacket that day! He walks home from school, so by the time he got here I literally had to PEEL it off of him!

Apparrently he had told some of his friends at school about it, and he'd made his own little plan. He wanted to wear it to school under his coat, and then slowly unzip his coat and present himself as, "DUCKMAN!" I'm sure his friends were all very impressed!

It was so unbelievably rediculous ... but of course looking back, I guess it is pretty funny!


  1. what a ham! too bad i didn't see that or you get a picture of him!

  2. I am reading this and laughing out loud! He is so funny! I love this story!