Monday, March 29, 2010

the BUMP is back

I wore this new shirt to our weekly family dinner at my Mom and Dad's house tonight! It was my way of spreading the news that we are expecting #5 in December!

Last night before bed, we told our big kids the news. We told them to sit around the table for some dessert. Daddy scooped ice cream into bowls for them ... but they each only got a tiny "baby" sized scoop. They were asking, "Really??? Is this all we get??? What's the deal, Dad???" Then Daddy told them, "I gave you each a baby scoop as a creative way of telling you that we're going to have another baby!" They were all super excited! Korbin (our oldest, 10 years old) couldn't stop crying tears of joy! It was priceless!

I feel so blessed to have these precious boys ... each one a gift from God!

This afternoon when the big boys got home from school, we all took a walk down to the duck pond. Little Oliver loves to see the ducks! We also made a stop at the baby swings which was also a fun little treat! I texted hubby at work with a couple pictures of the boys playing at the swings and told him, "I love mommyhood!"


  1. WooHoo! I can't wait to meet my new niece or nephew!!!

  2. Congratulations! Love the shirt!