Monday, July 5, 2010

The First Picture of Our Newest Little One

Here he or she is! Look at it's tiny little arms and legs! This was our first sonogram for this baby, taken a week ago. The baby is now 9 weeks already! Due date for #5 is February 5, 2011 (kind-of fun ... the fifth baby due on the fifth)!

What makes this extra fun is that my sister Tanya and my friend Laura are both pregnant now too! Tanya is having her first baby. We prayed for a long time for their little one! Laura is expecting her fifth like me. Prayers for all three healthy babies would be very much appreciated! Click on their names to check out each of their blogs!

Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July! We had a perfect evening! First dinner with family at the pool, then everyone gathered for exciting fireworks after dark!

Good Night,


  1. Happy 4th of July. Congratulations on this little. Prayers will be with you during this pregnancy.

  2. Hi! Found you on Laura's blog. I love the post she wrote about the 2 of you. Congrats on your little #5!
    We live in a big yellow house too. How fun! I'm following so I can come back often!
    :) Jen

  3. Tara&Jacob,

    This Is Such A Wonderful Little Creation God Has Brought You Both, I Am So Happy For You Both,You Both Are Going to Make Outstanding,Wonderful And The Best Parents In The World (even though we already know you both are).God Bless You Both!!! Love You Both!!!

    Here Is My Blessing To You Both:

    Tara, touch your children,
    Jacob, hug them tight,
    Let them know you love them
    morning, noon, and night.

    Put your arms around them,
    hold them near to you,
    Feel the beating of their hearts,
    the life that you made new.

    Roll around the floor with them,
    tease and laugh and play,
    Listen to what they'll tell you,
    they have so much to say.

    Take time to get to know them,
    see the colors in their eyes,
    Appreciate that person
    that deep inside them lies.

    Let them run their fingers through your hair
    and down your face,
    Fill their hearts with words of praise,
    make home their favorite place.

    Cuddle with them on the couch
    and watch a t.v. show,
    Sing with them or share a book
    and help their world to grow.

    Take a walk into the park,
    hold each other's hand,
    Smell the flowers, feed the ducks,
    build castles in the sand.

    Tara, touch your children,
    Jacob, hug them tight,
    Show them what a gift they are to you both,
    to love them feels so right.


    -Lee Croman