Thursday, July 1, 2010

AAA-TA-DU-DUDEY (ap-ple-juice-juicey)!

My littlest one woke up the other day, and asked for (demanded) some "aaa-ta-du-dudey" (that's how he says ap-ple-juice-juicey). I thought I'd hand him a cup of milk (to be healthy). Well I sure didn't fool him! He took one sip and handed it back to me with a friendly, "thank you!"

We went back and forth with that sippy cup! I kept handing it to him telling him to drink his milk first, and he kept handing it right back to me!

I finally explained to him with a smile, "Make your milk all gone, then I'll give you apple juice." So ... my brilliant baby boy walked that cup of milk over to the trash can to throw it away! He didn't even look like he was trying to do anything bad. He was innocently just making it all gone like mommy said to do.

Sweetie-pie! I gave him his apple juice! :)

Sorry I haven't blogged in a long time! Maybe a clue as to why - is because in the time I've typed this very short story, Oliver found my crackers I've been snacking on to avoid morning sickness - and has dumped them all over the floor. Oh yea, then he stomped on them. Oh blah! Clean up time!


  1. Hello. Just came over from Laura's @ Cowboy Boots! Great to hear I'm not the only one who has little one's out smarting me:)

  2. Hey! New follower from.... you guessed it....Laura's! Mine is only 11 months and there are days when I think she's definitely outsmarting me...Say a prayer for me when she gets older. I just may be out of my league!