Monday, April 12, 2010

Missing What We Barely Had

On the day that I started having symptoms of a possible miscarriage, I talked to my doctor on the phone right away. Then later that day in an email he wrote, "Praying for TWB." I wrote back, "TWB?" He replied, "TWB = Teenie Weenie Baby." [Side note: How many OB/GYN docs will pray for their patients??? My doctor is the best!!! Hubby and I affectionately call him "Super Doctor!"]

Anyway, over the course of that weekend of eternal waiting, I realized that Super Doctor had actually given the baby his or her first nickname! I told my sister Tanya that whatever happened, the initials TWB would always be very special to me - especially if what I was experiencing was in fact an early miscarriage!

Well look how perfect and wonderful my sister is! Here is a picture of what she gave to me! It is the most amazing thing she could have done, and I will treasure it forever! Thank you, Tanya!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then ... a couple of days later my wonderful Mom came to our front door with another special baby memorial gift! She had gone to the fabric store, picked out these brand new pink and blue fabrics, and made us this sweet baby blanket to hold onto whenever we are feeling sad! Thank you Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't I just have the greatest family support?!?!?! What a blessing!!!!!

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  1. You have a wonderful family and support system.