Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Family Fun Weekend

Man, I wish I had my camera with me the entire weekend! We had such a great time of family fun together, but all of my pictures below are from Sunday!

On Friday night we went to a Frisco RoughRider's game with Cal's baseball team. The weather was perfect, Tanya and Barrett came along (go to Tanya's blog for pictures), and Oliver was chosen along with 2 other babies before the game started to be in a baby game between the second and third innings! He got to go down on the field with Daddy! Very fun night!

On Saturday we took the kids to one of those pottery painting studios. What a blast! The three big kids each picked out an item to paint, and they all did a great job! I'll have to post pictures of the finished products after we get them back (we'll go back to pick them up this weekend, after they are fired and glazed)!

Sunday, again the weather was perfect, so we stayed around the neighborhood and enjoyed being outside together!

First the boys played a little golf in the back yard (don't worry about the safety of your windows, Laura ... they have little plastic golf balls).

Oliver got to go swinging at the park!

We took a walk to feed the ducks. One mama duck just had her babies recently in Laura's front yard next door, so we visited them down at the pond!

Our newest expert bike-rider, Dylan got to ride his wheels all around the neighborhood!

Daddy and Korbin shot some hoops together!

I'm thankful to have had such a beautiful weekend to relax and enjoy our little family!


  1. Don't you love weekends? It looks like you all had a great time!

  2. ha ha...my windows appreciate it! love you friend!